Training and Personal Development

At Rund Partnership, our employees are strongly encouraged to enhance their professional development both through day-to-day project experience, but also through participation in structured training.

Our success is dependent upon the skills of our employees as well as the service we provide to clients. We are fully committed to maximising the intellectual level and performance of every employee and believe in providing equal opportunities for all individuals to enhance their personal and professional development.

Rund Partnership regard the development of employee skills as very important for our existing workforce and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes are key to this growth and development. Rund Partnership’s Training Policy Objectives are as follows:

  • To provide and monitor equal training and development opportunities to our workforce;
  • To ensure every employee is provided with training in IT to the highest possible level;
  • Evaluation of training needs to provide progressive benefits to employees and the company;
  • To out-perform competitors by our positive approach to training;
  • To ensure every employee receives sufficient training in safety, health and environmental issues;
  • To refine technical skills in order to provide cost effective performance to our clients;
  • To promote greater understanding of inter-departmental dependence and further enhance the philosophy of teamwork which is the foundation of the company’s success.

All staff receive performance reviews with their line manager to review past performance, identify ways in which performance can be improved and any support that may be needed. It is also an opportunity to explore further training and development needs and to set standards and targets. The performance review is a two way process and therefore an honest and constructive meeting is encouraged. The reviews are carried out on a 6 monthly basis to ensure opportunities for personal development can be realised.

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