17th December 2021
Berewood scheme completes affordable housing across five land zones as Rund provides Employer’s Agent and Clerk of Works services

Rund is proud to be supporting long-term client, Grainger Trust – the affordable housing arm of Grainger plc – on another multi-phase, multi-million-pound project, through our Employer’s Agent and Clerk of Works services. The Berewood scheme in Hampshire is now in its eighth year of development and has completed work on affordable housing units across five development zones, with plans for further units across the remainder of the site.

Consisting of 15 parcels of land in total, Berewood involves the creation of approximately 2,650 homes, two primary schools, sporting and community facilities, health centre, play areas and woodland walks. 40% of housing will be affordable, with a 50/50 split of shared ownership and affordable rented properties.

A key element at Berewood is that the scheme is in the process of being certified as nitrate neutral, overcoming a significant issue in the Solent region as multiple other projects have been put on hold due to their development containing compromising levels of nitrates in soils. To meet the detailed criteria set out by Natural England to achieve nitrate neutrality, extensive work has been done at Berewood to ensure all waste water flows to an upgraded water treatment works that uses a minimal amount of nitrate in its processes.

We are contributing our wealth of expertise as dedicated Employer’s Agent and Clerk of Works on the project, with our scope of work including overseeing the nitrate neutrality assessments that have taken place. We have also been implementing thorough quality management, including initiating fire stopping inspections as part of our Clerk of Works service.

Andy Hughes, Senior Surveyor at Rund commented: “The Berewood scheme is leading by example with its nitrate neutrality practices. This is particularly important as thousands of new homes in the Solent region remain stuck in the planning process due to restrictions set out by Natural England, despite demand for housing showing no signs of waning.  

“We’re delighted to be working with Grainger Trust to help ensure this scheme meets its objectives – not only providing high-quality housing to thousands in Hampshire, but minimising environmental impacts to help benefit future generations.”

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