28th July 2015
Get to know the People @ Rund

A recent company-wide survey reveals some interesting facts about the people at Rund. Not your typical survey, the results provide a great insight into the people at Rund, their interests, hobbies and likes.  

For example, if given the chance to be anyone for the day, the single most popular choice was Lewis Hamilton, the most successful F1 British driver in history. Another popular choice was the founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson. A favourite food choice for people working at Rund is Thai cuisine and the average number of cups of tea or coffee consumed per day is 4.5 cups per person. When asked which fictional character respondents would most like to be a wide range of characters were chosen, including Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Peter Pan, Tigger and many more. When asked about the characteristic admired in others; loyalty, humour, honesty and confidence were popular choices.

The graphic below shows the survey results for you to get to know more about the people at Rund.

13th July 2015
Appointed on NHS Commercial Solutions Framework
8th July 2015
Rund appointed on Wayfarer’s Consultants’ Framework