11th November 2015
LandAid Cyclethon update

17 members of staff took part in a cyclethon last Friday in aid of LandAid. Hoping to achieve a round trip distance of 220 miles between our Bournemouth, Southampton and London offices, through sheer grit and determination (and a lot of internal competition) we far exceeded our goal. Overall, we statically rode over 310 miles.

The best achievement goes to Matthew Christopher and Tom Smith who almost broke the 40 kilometres barrier in an hour, followed by Paul Deakin and Simon Duffy (at 32.95 kilometres in an hour).

Thanks go to all those who took part, helped organise the event and those people/companies who have sponsored us. The current amount raised so far for LandAid through this challenge stands at over £1,000.

You can still contribute to the amount raised and support LandAid and their vital work to help disadvantaged young people. You can find our fund raising page here. Supported by the property industry, LandAid works to improve the lives of children and young people in the UK who experience disadvantage due to their economic and or social circumstances.

We are delighted to be supporting LandAid as our charity of the year in 2015, including taking part in the LandAid Summer Run, LandAid Day and our Cycle Challenge. For more information on the charity, please visit their website www.landaid.org

3rd November 2015
London School of Economics and Political Science Appointment
27th October 2015
LandAid Cycle Challenge