21st November 2016
Principal Designer Services – An Innovative Approach

The continuous improvement of our services, remaining abreast of changes in policy and legislation, industry trends and best practice is a key priority for Rund Partnership. To this end we have interpreted the changes to the updated Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, and developed a highly effective system.

Our innovative visual programme has established a new format of managing projects, reducing paper work and setting a milestone for the industry – with a dedicated team focusing on CDM. This allows for great integration within the design team early on, focusing technical and design skills on the brief, aiding the architect and engineers to achieving a safer, stronger more balanced project.

Our proactive approach seeks to plan, manage, and coordinate the pre-construction phase in line with the CDM regulations through a detailed three stage process:

Stage 1 – CDM Briefing document

Stage 2 – Pre-Construction Information (PCI)

Stage 3 – RIBA Hazard Management Assessment (RHMA)

Our fresh approach to managing risks on projects brings together the team with a clear focused approach. Our Principal Design Manager, Nima Shamsipour, would be pleased to explain our approach in more detail on 020 7060 6221.

13th September 2016
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13th June 2016
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