17th July 2018
The latest fitness trends

With more money than ever being spent on keeping fit, a recent article by BBC News investigates who spends most on gym memberships, and what are the latest fitness trends.

The article by Lora Jones Business Reporter, BBC News, focused on five keys points as follows:

Europe is the largest fitness market in the world
The number of gyms is on the up
Switzerland spends the most on gym memberships
What puts people off working out?
Fitness trends for 2018 
For those in the property and construction industry, like here at Rund, the interesting elements of the research are focused on the size of the market and the trends for 2018 and the future.

Number of gyms on the up, but spend is down

With a total value of around £23.5bn (26.6bn euros), the European fitness market expanded in 2017, up slightly from £23.2bn in 2016. According to statistics from Deloitte and EuropeActive, German fitness enthusiasts spent the most – £4.6bn – exceeding the UK’s spend for the first time in 2017. This still makes the UK fitness, the second largest in Europe and way ahead of France, the third largest market.

The number of fitness clubs across the 28 EU member states, plus Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and the Ukraine, increased by 3.2% to 59,055 in 2017.

Fitness trends for 2018

Of note, however, is the fact while more gyms are opening across Europe, people are spending less on them. This reduction in spending looks set to continue when you consider that one key fitness trend for 2018 is that people are generally looking for low-cost forms of exercise. According to the BBC article, other popular fitness trends for 2018 include:

High-intensity interval training
Group exercise classes
Wearable technology – including smart watches, heart-rate monitors or GPS tracking devices
Body weight training
Strength training, involving exercising with the use of barbells or other weights
Providing a tailored property and construction service to the fitness market

Here at Rund, we are providing a tailored service to deliver fitness projects to the highest standards for occupiers/operators, owners, investors and developers that meet the specific needs of today’s evolving end-user customer.

Our leisure experts support clients throughout all stages of developing a facility and maintaining it throughout its property life-cycle. With an in depth-understanding of the leisure sector, we provide the skills and resources to manage projects from inception to completion for clients with standalone premises to clients with larger property portfolios.

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