12th January 2018
UK Construction 2025 – A welcomed vision

Rund welcomes the announcement that construction is one of the first of four industries to benefit from government backing in a new industrial strategy published by business secretary Greg Clark.

By working together as an industry, Rund believes the government’s vision of UK construction by 2025 is achievable. Like many in our industry, we work every day to achieve these aspirations by helping to create affordable places for people to live and work that are safer, healthier and use less energy.

UK Construction by 2025

People – An industry that is known for its talented and diverse workforce
Smart – An industry that is efficient and technologically advanced

Sustainable – An industry that leads the world in low-carbon and green construction exports

Growth– An industry that drives growth across the entire economy

Leadership – An industry with clear leadership from a Construction Leadership Council

Through strategic investment in modernising construction technologies and associated skills and training programmes, the industry must come together if we are to achieve the joint ambitions of the 2025 vision. Only by working together can we achieve a:

  • 33% reduction in both the initial cost of construction and the whole life cost of assets
  • 50% reduction in the overall time from inception to completion for new build and refurbished assets
  • 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment
  • 50% reduction in the trade gap between total exports and total imports for construction products and materials

Aim high – weak ambitions will not modernise the construction sector

Whilst these targets are high, weak ambitions and low targets would not set a vision for UK construction by 2025 that is fit for a people-driven, smart, sustainable and growing industry. Weak ambitions and low targets would instead just reinforce the status quo and not modernise our sector.

The government has said that the sector’s productivity is to be boosted through greater investment in innovation and skills, creating new and well-paid jobs and maximising potential. For this to truly come to fruition, every party from the government, local authorities, financial institutions, developers and others throughout the supply chain, must play their part. Only by working collaboratively can we expect to reduce environmental impact, improve efficiency and reduce whole life cost of new projects and the buildings to ensure the new homes, schools, hospitals and major transport projects that are needed are built. Rund will continue to play its part through upskilling our existing workforce, offering young people meaningful work opportunities and delivering innovative schemes through efficient and modern methods.

Rund looks forward to the Construction Leadership Council’s action plan on fulfilling these ambitions to achieve the aspirations of modernising the UK construction by 2025.