23rd June 2022
35 years at Rund: Hilary Watson shares her experience as our longest serving employee

Our 35th year of business marks another milestone for one of our employees, who has been a highly valued Rund team member since 1987. Personal Assistant, Hilary Watson has seen Rund develop from the very beginning, and her years of hard work and dedication have played a significant role in the company’s prosperity.

Hilary gives a first-hand perspective of her career at Rund and how the business has evolved into the success it is today.

“It is amazing to reflect on how different everything used to be at Rund, and how far we have come. I joined as a temporary Administrator when the company only had two other employees to its name. We were based above an estate agents in London Road in Southampton.

Expanding services and clients

“In the early stages, we primarily provided Employer’s Agent and Building Surveying services and our client portfolio mainly consisted of private individuals, councils, and housing associations. Now, we offer a full suite of consultancy services and housing associations are just one element of our extensive client list. To name a few, this now includes developers, financial institutions, housing providers, educational institutions, arts organisations, and leisure providers. We’ve also enhanced our project portfolio in other sectors, including Commercial and Education, so our work has become more and more diverse. One of things I enjoy most about working at Rund is the variety of work – it’s the reason I’ve stayed at the company for as long as I have.

An evolving role

“My position at Rund has changed significantly over time to include more responsibilities. I went from an admin-focused role to working closely with Richard Mussell, Managing Director and Paul Deakin, Director as a Personal Assistant. I’m also involved in HR and elements of finance. As I’ve been at the business since the start, people often come to me for advice and queries around our processes. No two days are the same, and I am always learning something new which I love.

Embracing technology

“It seems inconceivable but in the early years, every record produced had to be a carbon copy. I remember using a Daisy wheel typewriter - creating 100-page Building Survey reports took a lot of patience! The introduction of technology was incredibly welcome, as it became an essential element to our ways of working as the company grew. We’re now consistently embracing new technologies and ways of working to grow and develop the business.

People-first mentality

“As we took on more staff, we relocated to larger offices and expanded across the country. I really enjoy the buzz and atmosphere new people bring to the team. Rund has always focused on creating a strong, supportive network, so it’s great to continually welcome like-minded people who fit seamlessly into our team. Rund has always been about bringing its teams together, working as ‘One Rund’ – and that’s why we still have a family feel after all this time.

Strong leadership

“A significant change came when Richard joined the business in 2004. He brought lots of new ambitions to the company, helping us expand into new sectors and grow our service provision. It has been inspiring to work under someone with a clear vision, but who also cares about their staff and encouraging each one of them to have a voice. 35 years on, I still feel valued as a team member, and I know my opinion matters.

“It has been invigorating to be a part of Rund for all these years, seeing the company overcome many challenges, enhance its team and client portfolio while still staying true to its values. I’m looking forward to experiencing even more variety in my role as Rund continues its exciting growth journey.”

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