8th July 2022
Work experience at Rund: A first-hand account

We were delighted to host second year undergraduate student, Toby Seeckts for a work experience placement recently.

Toby is currently undertaking a BA (Hons) degree in Urban Planning at Newcastle University. He reached out to us as he is interested in pursuing a career in Project Management and wanted to experience the role first-hand within a successful multi-disciplinary surveying and construction consultancy.

Toby has shared some key insights from his time with us.

Exploring a career in Project Management

Toby commented: “Project Management has always been a key interest of mine, so I decided to research established construction and surveying consultancies to determine what my career options could be after university.

“Rund looked like an exciting firm with lots of projects on the go across various sectors. I got in touch, and they were more than happy to offer me a placement.

Positive first impressions

“The first thing which struck me when I arrived at Rund was the office space. It had a fun, relaxed feel with lots of open space and break out areas.

“My first morning involved lots of team member introductions, and I was bowled over with how welcoming people were. Everyone made the effort to chat to me and ask me questions. It’s easy to see why Rund cites People as one of its core values, as team culture is clearly something they prioritise.

A diverse range of tasks from day one

“Over the course of my placement, I had valuable one-to-one time with various Surveyors, chatting about their current role and journey into the industry. It was great to hear a variety of perspectives from people with different skills and backgrounds. I also shadowed some of the Surveyors and was able to ask lots of on-the-job questions, which was extremely useful.

“I carried out various other activities like calling contractors regarding tender dates on a commercial project and sitting in on Project Management meetings. It was interesting to see the team’s strong soft skills, particularly in their communication with contractors.”

Key highlights

“The personable atmosphere in the office was stand out for me. As someone only just beginning to find their feet in the profession, I felt completely comfortable and able to approach anyone.

“I had some great conversations with different people at Rund, and felt they went above and beyond to give me an in-depth insight to the company. It never felt like I was being disruptive to their work.

“One of the Surveyors gave me an interesting perspective into the route to Chartership, and how best to use the early stages of a career to gain accreditation. Where a lot of other consultancy firms tend to throw graduates into the deep end to ensure they progress quickly, Rund works closely with employees to give them bespoke support, in their own time. It was encouraging to see evidence of those who had successfully gained a master’s degree and Chartership, while progressing a full-time career.

“Overall, it was a very positive experience and I wish I had been there for a longer period! It has helped me realise that Project Management is the right career path for me to pursue after university, and Rund’s friendly and supportive culture has set my standards high for the type of consultancy I’d look to join.”

We believe in supporting the next generation of construction and surveying industry professionals and helping people realise their long-term career ambitions.

From summer internships to work experience placements, we offer a range of exciting opportunities to give aspiring Surveying and Construction Consultants a truly valuable career experience. Find out more by visiting our Working At Rund page.

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