10th February 2022
Rund highlights a decade of success in helping emerging talent realise career ambitions

This National Apprenticeship Week, we are celebrating the strength of our training and development programme and its success in introducing a sea of talent into the construction and surveying industry.

Our programme, which is specifically tailored to individual needs and ambitions, has helped more than 30 graduates, trainees, and apprentices progress their careers over the past decade.

Our Apprenticeship Scheme forms just one strand of our extensive programme, where we offer opportunities for those just starting out in the industry to enhance their skills and boost their confidence through hands-on learning and one-to-one guidance. Lizzie Sim, Assistant Surveyor was offered an apprenticeship at Rund after completing a course in ‘Construction in the Built Environment’ at college.

Lizzie commented: “I lacked a lot of confidence when I first started at Rund due to my inexperience, but my role has allowed me to really come out of my shell and continue to gain further confidence in myself. I’ve been exposed to lots of new things which have taken me out of my comfort zone. By following through with strong team support, I’ve been motivated to face more new challenges.

“I now have ambitions I never thought I’d have when I was younger. I’m aspiring to do my Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) training in the coming years, and eventually become chartered when I’m ready. I know Rund will be behind me every step of the way to get there.”

We are also proud to have introduced many employees to their future career paths through a non-traditional route into the industry. Will Ashton, Surveyor joined us as an intern after studying an accounting and finance degree for four years at Warwick Business School.

Will commented: “Although it was an alternative route to my core degree, I thought an internship at Rund would provide an interesting opportunity to apply my newly learned management and strategy skills to something a bit different. I noticed a lot of larger consultancy firms did not accept first year students as interns, but Rund was different and offered me a summer internship. I returned for a second internship the following summer.

“My internships were a far cry from the ‘coffee making’ stereotypes you often hear about. I was actively assisting on projects, giving me a genuine experience of an Assistant Surveyor role at Rund. The hands-on nature of the work allowed me to progress quickly and I was offered a full-time position after completing my second internship. Now, I have ambitions to lead on projects and manage Assistant Surveyors in the future. Rund has inspired me to pass on my skills and knowledge to others, mirroring my own experience in my early days at the company.”

This year, we are excited to welcome more talent through our doors as our company continues to thrive. To find out more about our workplace culture and extensive career opportunities, visit our Working At Rund page: https://www.rund.co.uk/people/working-at-rund.  

8th February 2022
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