7th November 2022
International Stress Awareness Week: Collaborative working and inspiring resilience

Today marks the first day of International Stress Awareness Week (7th – 11th November) and this year’s theme is one which we believe resonates strongly at Rund – Working Together to Build Resilience and Reduce Stress.

One of our core values is Collaboration, which helps us deliver high-quality work and allows us to share experiences with one another to help improve our overall work environment.

We believe talking openly about work-related and non-work-related experiences, whether they are good or bad, can inspire ideas on how others can tackle similar circumstances.

It has been fantastic to hear many positive stories involving collaboration at Rund which have helped employees overcome certain challenges. Key examples include those who have completed qualifications while working at Rund and highlighted how colleague support and advice were essential throughout the process.

We are proud to have such a collaborative workforce at Rund and are using this week as another reminder for everyone to continue sharing their experiences, whether work or non-work-related, to help enhance working lifestyles.

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