17th January 2024
Rund launches new ESG web page

ESG – relating to business principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance – continues to be of tremendous importance given the rise in global consciousness towards sustainability, empowering communities, and driving social change. 

Businesses and corporations play a monumental role in the provision of a sustainable future for all. As employers, service providers, and community figureheads, it is our duty to both define and follow principles that generate brighter futures for all. To this end, Rund is committed to integrating ESG factors throughout its corporate operations, and we have consistently focused on matters that are meaningful to our employees, clients, industry colleagues, and the communities in which we work. To ensure these matters are both recorded and easily accessible to the groups outlined above, we have created a brand-new ESG page for our website, which you can view here.

The page breaks down the three principles of ESG and what exactly Rund does to support these. Our intention is to update the page to reflect our ongoing ESG activities as required, including a cycle of regular ESG news items on the page.  

As a responsible employer and business, we will continue to play our part in the preservation and enrichment of the spaces we operate in and look forward to sharing further updates with you on our ESG initiatives.

16th October 2023
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