1st June 2020
Wellesley project successfully completes multiple zone developments as Rund offers extended scope of service

Rund is currently in its fourth year working with Grainger plc on Wellesley, an extensive 255-hectare development in Aldershot – with Rund now offering an extended scope of service as Project Manager, alongside our Employer’s Agent and Clerk of Works roles.

The Wellesley site, owned by Grainger plc, includes 20 development zones and will provide 3,850 dwellings on completion – 35% of which will be affordable homes. Formally military land, the project also involves the refurbishment of listed buildings, including the renowned Cambridge Military Hospital which dates back to 1875.

Originally appointed as Employer’s Agent and Clerk of Works, Rund has been responsible for overseeing development and quality control of all affordable housing units built at Wellesley.

Grainger plc has been working with multiple developers to construct housing on each parcel of land at the site, ensuring that a percentage of housing built is affordable through its registered provider, Grainger Trust. Three zones have been successfully developed so far, with a further two zones due to begin construction towards the end of 2020.

Now, Senior Surveyor at Rund, Howard Kennedy, is also providing Project Management services across the entire site’s infrastructure as he works on secondment with Grainger plc. Howard’s role involves ensuring efficient coordination between Grainger plc and developers, in terms of infrastructure development at Wellesley – from connections of utilities to plots, to access roads between parcels of land.

Howard Kennedy, Senior Surveyor at Rund commented: “The Wellesley project is set to make a significant impact in Hampshire, providing high-quality housing to many while ensuring the site’s rich heritage is sustained. Working as Project Manager, I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to work even more closely with Grainger plc and oversee the site development on a wider scale.

“One of the most interesting challenges has been overseeing the development of utilities – as a brownfield site, this involves extensive work coordinating between housebuilders and utility providers, as many old facilities need to be remediated. I’m looking forward to the next stages of development as the project continues its 20-year course.”

12th May 2020
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4th May 2020
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