16th March 2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) – A statement from Rund

As you will have seen in the media, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading in the UK, and a major epidemic is now expected. The highest importance to us is the wellbeing of our staff and other people that come into contact with our business, including clients, industry colleagues and suppliers.

Business Continuity
We continue to operate as usual, have plans in place to continue business operations and are committed to delivering the service that our clients expect.

Our offices remain open, but we are asking that visits to our offices are kept to a minimum. All visitors will be asked to wash their hands before attending any meetings. Staff have also been briefed on the importance of hygiene and the Government advice in this respect.

Video Conferencing and Conference Calls – Through our digital approach, we are encouraging employees, clients and contractors to hold video conferences or conference calls in place of face-to-face meetings where possible. We have software in place to allow this to occur seamlessly. We have enabled Microsoft Teams and encourage the use of this where possible for communication and conference calls where needed. Furthermore, our staff are minimising their attendance at non-essential meetings, business events and industry gatherings. If you have your own conference call or video conferencing facilities which you would prefer to use, such as Webex, please contact us to discuss, as we are happy to work on the platform which suits your business needs wherever possible.

Remote Working – We are enabling our staff to work from home, using cloud-based systems. Individual telephone lines may be diverted to mobile numbers to maintain effective communications. We have a robust cloud-based system that enables our staff to work remotely at all times, with equipment and software to facilitate this. Our dedicated IT team are on hand to ensure we can operate effectively from any location. Members of staff who have travelled abroad are being instructed to work at home for two weeks following their return. You will be advised where this situation occurs.

Managing Workloads – Our staff across the company are well positioned to ensure that workloads are managed in the event of illness. Our standard approach to projects is to resource with a team and therefore not a single member of staff – this ensures business continuity at all times. Should a member of staff fall ill we are confident that we can maintain business as usual. Regular internal team meetings and Director involvement is in place to underpin the effective management of workloads.

Site-Based Teams – Our teams are continuing to visit sites, carrying out their inspections as required on a site-by-site basis. They are taking extra precautions to protect their wellbeing and the people that they come into contact with. Should any construction sites need to close, or home working be made mandatory, we will ensure that our teams use home-based time wisely on your projects to review project information and be ready to commence on sites once they reopen. It will not mean that your sites are not worked on, but that we will use the time wisely in a different way.

Further Updates
Coronavirus is an evolving situation, and our plans will change accordingly. We will continue to communicate with you in the event of changes to our current plan. Should our general work activities be affected, we will let you know immediately.

If anyone believes they have been at risk of contracting coronavirus and has been in contact with Rund team members, we ask that you notify us immediately. We will take the appropriate measures to safeguard the wellbeing of our employees and other people that may be affected.

Please be assured we are doing our utmost to protect the wellbeing of our people and those that come into contact with our business.

5th March 2020
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27th February 2020
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