5th August 2019
Rund Partnership’s Continuing Investment in Staff Training

Rund’s continued investment in training programmes has recently seen further
members of our clerk of works team gain accredited diplomas in fire stopping inspection – the only qualification to demonstrate competency in the fire stopping industry.

To further enhance our expertise, Gurvinder Ladher, our South Coast office’s Managing Clerk of Works, together with Nigel Dyer, of the same office and Cameron Cappus, in our London office, have all recently gained the Fire Stopping Inspection diploma, accredited by The Institute of Fire Safety Managers and recognised by the Institute of Fire Engineers.

The qualification demonstrates our team’s comprehensive level of knowledge in fire stopping specification, installation and inspection. In gaining the fire stopping inspection diploma our team understand the theory of inspection and the standards and regulations surrounding them, which classes them as a ‘competent person’ under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005.

In addition, our clerk of works continue to bolster our fire stopping competency and understanding by progressing through a series of fire door inspection courses. These courses are designed to broaden knowledge of fire door requirements and ensure they are very well placed to improve quality on site.

With our commitment to training, and expertise within the team, we seek to improve standards and understanding on site. If you have any project requirements or queries in relation to how we may be able to help your projects, please contact us on 020 7060 6221.

22nd July 2019
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15th July 2019
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