10th September 2019
Youngest licentiate with the Institute of Clerk of Works and Construction Inspectorate

Through our apprenticeship programme, Rund is proud to have supported Joshua Tudor through his training, and development, in becoming the youngest licentiate, currently, within the Institute of Clerk of Works and Construction Inspectorate!

The licentiate grade is achievable for those who demonstrate (through application and professional interview) that they have a reasonable level of knowledge and experience in the duties/responsibilities associated in construction inspection (or similar role).

Josh’s journey into becoming a Clerk of Works began off the back of an online interactive careers programme, which proposed the job of Clerk of Works, based on his parent’s professions (at the time, his mum was a Housing Officer and his dad an Asbestos Remover).

If Josh continues to work hard he could become a fully qualified member by the age of 25, retaining the record of being the youngest to obtain the accreditation – the highest grade of Clerk of Works.

6th September 2019
Rund oversees property improvement works in Andover
22nd August 2019
Rund appointed on the redevelopment of Basingstoke Golf Club